Transformed by Grace

Jun 5, 2022    Kyla Gillespie

Kyla was born in BC, Canada. Being raised in a Christian home, she gave her life to Christ at an early age. At age 5, she began struggling with gender identity, dysphoria and same-sex attraction. In 2011, she fully transitioned from female to male. After living 6 years as male, God revealed Himself to her in a powerful way, and has since fully de-transitioned and is living as female in pursuit of Jesus. She has a passion for sharing the Gospel, teaching youth, speaking, and blogging. She travels, sharing her testimony in both Canada and the USA. She has been a contributor for The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender in films and panels. Her deep desire is to make Jesus known and give a Biblical voice to the Trans* conversation. Kyla is part of her local Church, Gospel City Church in Coquitlam, BC.

We live in a world and a time in which we are faced with many conflicts, challenges, and confusion, and we often have more questions than answers. When it comes to how we talk about and understand sexuality, we can find so many different perspectives, viewpoints and experiences - even within the church. So, as a community, we want to humbly embark on a journey of seeking to understand, listen, and learn from the truth of scripture, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the heart and love of God.