Marriages are a high priority at NewStory Church. Our goal is to help couples develop and sustain thriving marriages by providing Marriage Enrichment gatherings.

What an amazing time we got to spend together last Saturday, March 5th. Thank you for coming out to join our very first marriage enrichment gathering. I hope it enriched your marriage greatly, and I hope it continues to do so as you and your spouse practice what you learned that day.

It is our commitment to build healthy, thriving, Christ-centered marriages at our church. With the great turnout that we saw last Saturday, we know that there is a hunger to grow, and we will have more opportunities like this gathering in the future.  We are already thinking of doing something again in the fall.  But meanwhile, we encourage you to connect with other couples at our church (both those in your season of marriage and beyond) or in your small group to encourage one another to grow in your marriage.  If you want to help organize some of the follow-up events with the subgroups or as a whole, please let us know.  

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us