Beyond Barriers

May 29, 2022    Tony Scarcello

“Tony is Kelsey’s husband, an author, pastor, speaker, movie-aficionado, book-worm, and pitiful golfer. After over a decade of youth ministry, Tony and Kelsey have started the process of church-planting in, Springfield, OR. Tony is the author of Regenerate: Following Jesus After Deconstruction.”

We live in a world and a time in which we are faced with many conflicts, challenges, and confusion, and we often have more questions than answers. When it comes to how we talk about and understand sexuality, we can find so many different perspectives, viewpoints and experiences - even within the church. So, as a community, we want to humbly embark on a journey of seeking to understand, listen, and learn from the truth of scripture, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the heart and love of God.