Three things that will keep us from growing

Jan 7, 2024    Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker discusses three things that can keep us from achieving personal growth in the new year. The first is staying stuck in the pain or nostalgia of the past. The second is worrying too much about the future. The third is not living in the present moment. Baker emphasizes the importance of dealing with past pain, trusting in God's provision for the future, and focusing on making positive changes in the present. He encourages listeners to take one day at a time and seek growth in their relationships, faith, and personal development.

Johnny has been a part of Celebrate Recovery since the beginning of the program. Serving alongside his parents, the founders of Celebrate Recovery, his was among the first lives changed by the program. Johnny has served on CR staff since 2004, became the pastor of Celebrate Recovery in 2012 and is now succeeding his father, Pastor John Baker, as the leader of the worldwide movement.

Johnny is a nationally recognized speaker and teacher of Celebrate Recovery and is the author of The Road to Freedom and a co-author of the Journey Continues, the Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional, Celebration Place and The Landing, and is an Associate Editor of the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible.