Here at NewStory Church, we believe God pursues you and invites you into a love story with him. Did you know he has uniquely created you for a specific purpose? As a church, we eagerly welcome the chance to walk alongside you to provide support and resources to guide you along your faith journey. Whether you’ve taken one step or traveled a thousand miles on your faith journey, we encourage you to grow deeper in love with God. That’s why we invite you to:
Once you ENTER the Story, we focus on understanding the basics of who we are created to be and what our vision and core values are here at NewStory Church. At the end of Chapter 1, we invite you to take your next step towards baptism and become a committed member of our church.

Next Class: TBD (Two week course)
In-Person from 12:30 - 2:15pm with Pastor Stephen Han.
*Lunch is provided.
Next, we believe Jesus invites you to LIVE the Story by growing and maturing in your faith. In Chapter 2, we encourage you to take intentional steps and develop habits toward understanding Scripture, increasing our capacity for prayer, engaging in generosity, and using our gifts to become more like Jesus.  
Next Class: TBD (Two week course)
In-Person from 12:30 - 2:15pm with Pastor David Kim.
*Lunch is provided.
Finally, like any good story, as you travel further, you cannot help but TELL the Story. This third and final chapter will help you understand and practice Christ’s command for us all to join Him in loving all people and inviting them into God’s incredible story.
Next Class: TBD (Two week course)
In-Person from 12:30 - 2:15pm with Pastor Yana Ahn.
*Lunch is provided.
We hope that through these three chapters you will join God's life-changing story and embrace your faith journey!

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